Insensible art of knowledge - title on russian

Insensible art of knowledge

Insensible art of knowledge.
(version 2001 year)

Three laws of philosophy

Three laws of philosophy.

Philosophical problem of the harmonical order

Philosophical problem of the harmonical order.
Philosophical "misunderstanding of mathematics"


Discussions papers


Philosophical theory of the specify definition


The essence of the information


Combinative solution of the problem of time

Intrinsic solution of the problem of time

Time as counter-position of space

Epistemological constructs of
a measure of time

Research of time through passing scheme


The economic function of the emission of the cost



The text of philosophical speculation "Insensible art of knowledge" is offered to your notice which theme is the problem "of a primary phase" comprehension's - excretion in accessible sensation "diversity" of action essential to knowledge.

This theme, for example, does not provide, in particularity, problem on an establishment of principles of the physical bases, but surveys, how correctly "the accessible data's" should be transmuted in "regular notion". I reflect, how it is necessary to shape an integrated pattern of a case, shunning both casual, and conceptual fragmentation.

For the foreign reader Russian specificity of subjects is slightly redundant, but the author should be "cooked" in such to juice.

The perfection of translation on the English is only purpose still worthwhile before my, but if you guess to overcome these thorns, I think, you can estimate beauty of ideas.

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