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The essence of the information.

It would seem the subject of the information in such degree is complicated, that versatility, intrinsic to it, hinders to make an attempt of the reducing of information to view of elementary function. A problem of structuring, we shall tell so, information's "matter", could gain glory not solved, as the proof it is possible to recognize absence of a uniform principle of the formalized interpretation of information structure. Whether the example to this a principle of work of search services in the Internet - search in it goes on items, only contained in the array of a lexical element of the text.

The analysis of an entity of the information, as a matter of fact, thus, turns to a problem of definition of the algorithm of solution of the given task. Our proposal searched by us after some speculation, is made in choice of a following sequence of analysis of a problem: initially to pass a stage of learning of information operation (differently, of operation controlled by information), then with the help of the finding answers to estimate such essence, interpreted in it, as the code, and, having understood this subject, latter to formulate definition of the information.

The operations, by and large by enforced handle on the part of a source of information too are not similar one to other. With the purpose of limitation of our analysis purely by problem of difference of kind of nature, physical and informational, we shall research a subject having a name of elementary information operation. In what, first of all, environments and orbs of reality we guess to find an empirical example of a similar kind of a case? Certainly, definitely not there, where the information exchange conjugates with the huge function load, assigned to it, but there, where the information fulfils some simple and apparent function.

Naturally, it is difficult to present here best image of the elementary information, than that for some reason hides in such unpretentious place as a kitchen garden. What works busy a scarecrow eternally raising above vegetable beds? Certainly, its function is completely clear - a scarecrow simply "stand in the middle of a kitchen garden". That is a scarecrow obviously does not execute any active physical operations - from it does not outgo of any aggression to the crows, but how then it is capable to render on them really effect? So, a scarecrow, in itself not capable of physical aggression, represents not that other, as a source of information addressed to the particular receiver, capable to extract a particular estimation from expressed of symbolism realized in it.

And, that is important, a scarecrow represents not true, but false information character intended to fool of that receiver, whom this information is addressed. And then it is necessary to pay attention, that not everyone, who is in itself capable to receive the information, will be fooled by a pattern of a standing scarecrow. Here, as, on the one hand, it is possible to term and those who at all does not perceive a scarecrow as something essential (its mechanisms of perception the visible parts of a scarecrow do not synthesize in an image of the separate object), as well as to admit existence of enough developed comprehension guessing in symbolism of a scarecrow directly intention of its creator.

So the pattern abandoned on arbitrariness of destiny a scarecrow will allow us to assume, that the phenomenon of the information is bound to the whole spectrum necessary for execution of similar operation of possibilities. At first, the way of information effect consists in substitution of direct physical influence oblique (for us - in replacement of direct threat imaginary). Second - the information exists only besides, that some concrete comprehension which is capable to map the sign or the object as the character takes place and, at last, third - the information operates only in that case, when the symbolism, perceived from the observed sign, is intersected with set of behavior (allowing or prohibiting, for our case - displaying "someone is present").

The set, allocated by us, of conditions of information operation further allows us to analyze each of them separately. The first called here condition - condition "possibilities of influence" is a condition of result of an information arrangement for co-operation appearing only in absence of direct possibility of physical effect (a scarecrow is set if the kitchen garden is not visited by the man).

The second condition - "a condition of symbolical character" is a condition of an adaptability of the perceiving (receiving) agent to the particular concrete format of patterns of symbolical expression.

The third condition - "a condition of claming" is a condition of an actuality for the receiving agent of value of the character. (A scarecrow, probably, can imitate the person and in eyes of a bear, but hardly will work on this large animal as danger source.)

Now, as we already have gained what - any theoretical base, we shall afford to risk explicitly to research each of the called above information conditions. Naturally, the first subject, considered by us, will appear formative information operation a condition "possibilities of influence". For its analysis by a key to the problem it is preferable to select notion that the information interaction arises in a case, when there is no a possibility (or it will not be utilized) direct physical interaction.

Let's assume, we do not reach an apple, and our friend already climbed onto on an apple-tree, and we ask him "break to us an apple hanging on one of uppers branches". What physical resources are necessary that we have activated resources of an information control? What exactly is necessary for such possibility? Certainly, we should allocate by some "second" ability of operation, - you see the operation, required to us, of physical fulfillment for us is eliminated, - reducing in operation of that indirect performer, that fulfils for us the physical operation, necessary to us.

But how we can influence on that our assistant, that is "of the indirect performer", really not physically? Yes, we influence by a physical manner, but only by means of such resources of manner, which we can to him route by the way of signals, and only of such of them, which he is capable or wishes to perceive. This theses allow us to accept purely definition of information operation, which we shall present as a way of prompting of the certain performer to fulfillment of such operation, necessary to us, which we physically are not capable to make. The information operation is a physical interaction of the agent, requesting for fulfillment, with the agent who is physically capable to fulfil requested operation, happening by means of the physical environment, in which requesting and performer can operate with each other.

In this definition a subject of the environment, due to which requesting agent and performer are capable to interchange one another physical operations with signal sense, will take a name of a transmission channel, and operation, with which help the requesting agent informs the performer, we, naturally, shall term as a name a signal.

As our definition concerns a subject of a physical explorer of signals, from us the explanation is required, how we revert here with some physical constituents. We, as a matter of fact, use concept "the physical environment" in value of a name mapping any form of the substantial nature (including a electromagnetic field).

We, certainly, have received rather quite good definition, but all the same it has not removed, that we shall show below, some rather essential lacunas. For support of convergence of the obtained definition we were forced to enter a category "the physical environment", and as to us to be in that case, if the physically concrete effect in the going passes not one, and at once some environments. Starting, let's assume, as mechanical, it transforms in electrical, further again becomes mechanical, following to chemical, from the last position is radiated as light etc.?

For us both information and direct physical effect happen, both one, and other, in the physical environments and as though do not contain any differences, selecting them from each other. But in character of the direct physical acting we observed, in any case, important for its prolongation a condition - the saving is primary of the activity, which has changed in each following step of transmission of effect only in such sense, that step delays similar activity on a period of operation of the concrete physical process. Little bit distorted by similar inevitable delays, the activity, nevertheless, saves itself as some "prolonging activity".

In information interaction the continuity "prolongation's of activity" fades and is substituted by possibility of its conservation and subsequent rebuilding. That boy, which we have asked to break for us an apple, he starts and introduces of driving of the body on access to an apple, asked by us. As happens and in technical devices, which operation is based on fixing of the obtained commands and subsequent inclusion of their own mechanism of their fulfillment.

With allowance for cited by us of major conditions of information interaction we can already copy our definition as follows. The information operation is a physical interaction of operation of the agent, requesting for fulfillment, with the agent who is physically capable to fulfil requested operation, happening by means of the physical simple or composite environment permitting requesting and the performer to operate with each other, which compulsory condition are conservation and subsequent rebuilding of activity on the side of the performer.

The principle, finding by us, "rebuilding of activity" forces us to speak about saving contents of activity in something, that does not appear purely by environment of carrying out of this activity. Such can be as responses formative ability of memory, and other responses creating, in turn, code mappings of a contents of activity in signs. If light definitely spoil a film, is familiar to this its existing "activity" there is a figure of it darkened stratum.

If a little to reduce definition, adopted by us, of information interaction, as its main difference it is necessary to term one simplified "obligatory sign". The physical interaction called as us "as interaction, creating information coordination", necessarily ends of the special kind in composite response of the receive side. The similar response consists that the receiving side does not start immediate operation that necessarily fulfils write operation of the obtained data on some carrier. (The boy getting an apple stores our request.) The claming of these data occurs only in following act, dissociated by a period, of "reading", which obligatory sign appears external concerning the physical process of delivery and record of the information prompting of this operation. All remaining, that does not admit to characterize its by similar timing separation between concerning to reaching the same purpose by cases of "record" and "reading" it is necessary to recognize as a sample of direct physical effect.

The thesis about "sign of information dissection" of activity is possible to formulate and in, on the one hand, more simple, and, with other, more to general format. We shall take advantage here offered to us by K Frumkin of concept of the deferability. The deferability is postponing prolongation of some activity major on duration, than simple total of dissemination delays of activity in permeable by it the physical environments. As soon as we divide into parts from a reality a certain operation, about which activity is permissible to speak in sense of the "deferability", we have the right to define it as information action.

In connection with usage in practice of criterion of the "deferability" a problem of "immediate" or "urgent" usage of the information necessarily should appear. If after the result the signal is immediately read out, there is an enticement to speak that manifestation of such obligatory characteristic of information operation as the deferability in this case is impossible. On the cause in such, conditionally we shall term its "hot" transmission mode of the information, the delaying effect is fixed in the sense that the signal is shaped in any case in limits of a duration of clock tact (or "latter" of clock tact) operation of his sender; and only after termination by it of operation of signal beginning the moment of reading starts. That is we prove an absoluteness of presence in information interaction of sign of "deferability" by that fact, that the act of signal conditioning always should be committed before completion of tact (or - "latter" of tact) of sender, defining that act.

Developed the philosophical definition of a subject of information operation, us is necessary to understand a problem of possible existence any others, not possessing required by us by philosophical sufficiency, definitions of an information accessory of some objects. In the given sense we should convert a view on a problem of information machines, which function build-up allows engineering science to create, functionally appropriate to principles of the given knowledge, requirement of verification, definition of a subject of the information.

Let's assume that the engineering science determines a subject of the information outgoing from the comprehension of the device that it could term as the information machine. What it is possible in the given sense to show as the elementary example of the machine perceived engineering how "information"? In particular, a street-organ, possessing the changeable carrier, operating in it of codes, already allows considering it as a sample of the elementary machine based on a principle of information control by its operation.

The engineer, proceed from the process of operation of the similar machine requires usage in it of codes, placed on the code carrier, naturally will give definition of "information" so that it referred to existence of that set of codes, which are marked on the code carrier. Thus he not conformed with whether is machine, controlled by codes, simple physical or already by information actuator.

What substantial multifunctionality would not reach in technical sense of a word the "information" machines, as same, for example, modern tape recorder, in which the possibilities both records are implemented, and reading, they in philosophical sense do not allow to understand them as present implementator of information operation. For philosophy those machines, which in technical sense are defined as "informational", without dependence from their technical complexity, will not represent a figure of the information operator so long as their construction will not provide in any of their operations of operation of rebuilding of activity. That is so long as similar kind the machine does not start to utilize the mechanism of a activity rupture of a uniform sequence of operation on separate suboperations of record and reading. The tape recorder with the side allows both to write, and to read out, but already concerning it we can not understand its these separate operations integrated in the uniform order of activity.

If here to attempt to decide the task of classification, it is necessary to describe function resources used for fixing of codes on code carriers - from typewriters up to tape recorders, - as the device is special in sense of the information theory. The machines processing codes, but bodily depending from activity, outwardly excited in them, allow defining them as parainformational machines.

Recognize in the technical object "the informational machine" the philosophically true information operator we can then, when its separate, in the entity the series procedures of their operation will be divided in the order "fixing of record - interruption - implementation of reading". That is the technical object "the informational machine" becomes the true information machine in such case, when it for itself reads external and internal record. As a matter of fact it happens then, when the possibilities of sharing of operation cycles are brought in to a construction of the parainformational machines, that is, if to take advantage of a customary technical nomenclature, these computers are created on the basis of schemes of the discrete operations.

Nevertheless, and in a world of simple technical devices familiar to us from early childhood, there is one such mechanism, which can be spotted as the informational machine. It is an alarm clock, familiar to all.

At last, the analysis of a subject of the informational machine going us in output that the temporary rupture, at any rate, not always and not concerning any case, will make sense of the activity separator. The channel as a matter of fact prolongs to exist in that case, when the rebuilding adds the code set not activity, and all same only information value.

This implies, that the concrete function of capture of the information on carriers of codes can appear different - to be as fulfillment of operation, and to service only act of restoration of operation of a transmission channel of the information. From here we can make output that the channel does not represent the composite object differentiating only two - specifying and executing - physical activities, and is capable is created as serving as provider of the data up to a place of response a multievent sequence of restorations of activity.

The scheme, in which are implemented discontinuity constructed channels, are prevailing in ordinary public practice. For example, such character has the process of the publication of a brief article in the newspaper passing a stages of writing, editing, imposition, breadboarding, and printing. Each of stages of this process is completed by creation of the array of codes on the code carrier going only for next treatment. "Channel", thus, should be defined as complex concept combining in nonuniform essences, including both physically series processes, and cases, dividing them, of carry of a transmitted signal in a following formation of its code record.

After said we already quite shall afford to assert, that the definition, adopted by us, exhausts any information cases, starting situations of dialogue reasonable or pseudoreasonable biological objects, not including on from here and cases of obtaining of the illsituational information (for example, fact-finding or entertaining), and operation of information exchange intrinsic to technical applications.

Anyone information operation is necessarily bound to a direction of a signal in the channel, with which, for example, for dialogue at a level of a physical resource of transmission (here except for physical such resource operates also lexical) the physical environment, transmitting sound oscillation, together with norms of speech is, and necessarily implies requirement in operation, which cannot be made to the sender. But in a social reality there are some acts of consumption of the information, which irrelevant with any by a purely physical act. In light of the views, explained to us, it is not quite clear, what kind by activity, for example, most ordinary reader of the comic story is distinguished? But in itself it is necessary in that case to nominate a state of a gaieties called by reading of the particular texts (as well as other states - of pleasure, shock or noble anger), permitting to determine it as a phenomenon of some relation of the person to any object, for a role of an expected "physical" act.

In completion it is possible to tell that the analysis only conditions "possibility of influence" has allowed us to release the analysis purely of phenomenon of information exchange. But information exchange, as well as any other physical case, the own limitations on realizability are characteristic. Which appear these limitations, we shall look on an example of other conditions, requiring our analysis.

Comes the time to convert to comprehension of a subject "conditions of symbolical character" of information act. This research we shall begin again from our initial image scarecrow, and we shall try to find the answer, why it appears by the information intended to crows, but not by any by other animal or person. We know, that the operation of biological mechanisms of image recognition is those, that the consciousness watches a not so ready pattern, and reconstructs an image, necessary for it, from accessible discrete data messages. Scarecrow in this sense represents a similarity rather similar on reconstructed by the perception of the crow an "image of the person ".

But why it renders the effect of "threat" on crow, but does not generate false sensations in any other alive beings? In particular scarecrow is not capable to deceive on a frog that only to elementary reason, that the perception of a frog in such degree is primitive, that can fixed certain only "the elementary moved bodies", but be not capable to create such composite visual representations as "appearance of the person" or any of other being. Therefore, on a frog scarecrow does not affect just because the similar symbolism is simply unavailable to its consciousness.

On crow scarecrow renders the operation just because the images, reconstructed by its consciousness, have some pattern roughness, and crow does not select legible differences between similar figures of the person and scarecrow. Person does not perceive scarecrow as an image "appearance of the person" already now because his so developed consciousness, is capable to create so composite visual patterns, that the knowledge of details superb informs him on, where really there is a person, and where the external likeness of figures is only be observed.

If to speak about a subject of the information of a public origin relevantly to remind, how the information of the books for child preschool age can take the adult reader. The adult in the similar literature attempts only unless to search hidden cues. It is possible to speak about the similar character difference concerning the information on some theme addressed in one case to broad audience, and in other - to the specialists.

What theoretical definitions can be established due to the drawn here case study "conditions of symbolical character" of information operation? The information requires implementation in it of build-up, which is capable to have by correspondence to decoding possibilities of a receiving device. In sense of losses by the information of correspondence to possibilities of the receiver it can or appear exuberantly complex (in engineering - to take more broad zone, to have disharmonious amplitude or to contain unknowns characters), or - primitively rough, such, which causes in the agent, receiving it, a state of its ignoring (in engineering - ignoring of a unmodulated signal or small length of the message, for example). The information on a level of own complexity should correspond to the characteristics of resources of perception of the agent, receiving it.

And last our condition of information exchange is "a condition of demand". The information should be essential concerning possibilities of target designation, or, if look hardly more widely, possibilities of an act of the receiving agent. To the shepherd, all time spent with herd's animal, is useless to tell about constructioning lathes, and engineer constructing machine tools and not to leave asphalt, is useless to speak about nuances of quality of a mellowness of a green fodder.

If the code forms somewhere outside of information structure of the receiving agent, such information is necessary in this structure somewhere "is anchored" and it should not contain in the similar ratio signs, about which link with any of its acts the receiver is not capable anything to know. Here we a little bit miss with usually flicking in the technical language by concept "information". For the language of the technical description sense of concepts "information" frequently identifies any sending data. For example, the response of the command to a chip on record in all cells its ROM of the "FF" code, that is filling of ROM only by unties is those. If this code represents that the chip can not utilize at all then from our point of view it is possible to name such character sets only "as a symbolic ballast". As well in signals, which are sending in the channel with a scrambler, that part of character sendings, which will be discarded on the receive side, too represents the same ballast.

With the person the cause here is at all no so simply. The person, if he also does not know destination of the same information, obtained by he, - for example, not knowing, as to him to treat the certain messages of press, - is capable by means of conjecture to collate this destination. Having read completely nonsensical for him of a newspaper note, he can, for example to interpret it as is simple some kind of a anecdote, retelling its next interlocutors.

Therefore concerning a subject of demand the information should be addressed even of the one function, present in the receiver. If it is not addressed to anything in the receiver (person, certainly), it never will anchor it from the volatile memory in long-time.

And the latter - than information as a batch differs from is informational of the consolidated symbol. A name "symbol" maps rather broad concept concerning to everything, that allows to unify by means of some standard image. Here and phoneme unified by means of such symbol as the character, here and any act symbolically expressing meanness or nobleness etc.

That is "symbol" is simply such information package, with what it was on the concrete saturation the data, which allows to bring in concerning it some unification. The symbol in any case appears by the package or data item causing in the receiver interpretation by means of result of any activity.

Our algorithm of creation of the concept "of information operation" has utilized, nevertheless, one condition, not declared by us. We considered information operation as interaction between two agents - sender and receiver of the information. But a similar kind the scheme does not deplete all intrinsic reality cases, in which composition our experience allocates a subject of the information. The huge mass of cases of insertion in composition of a reality of the factor of the information irrelevant, roughly speaking, with any by its "sending". In all of a similar kind numerous circumstances the receiver of the information only due to own purposefulness understands a pattern of a part, open to its observation, of a world as "information".

If to return to empiricism, here it is possible to term even a lot of professions, which essence is to interpret separate patterns of a world as "information". Here again hardly any paleontologist, understanding minerals skeletons of dinosaurs as the information on physiology, intrinsic by them, thinks by categories of the going act of these dinosaurs specially keeping the bones "for descendants". To convert here to more indicative example, we shall recollect, which virtuoso of art of similar decoding appears to us the greatest literary detective Sherlock Holmes as, "the deductive method" which provided interpretation of certain material signs as the testimonies of events, having a place.

So, how our analysis can interpret a pattern that some definitely tuned perception is capable to understand as the information signs of a non-teleological parentage? Here, that is important, the personal abilities some kind of "of deductive methods" will be had with each of us, who even of time defined to some signs, known for him, the weather forecast on proximate some clocks.

Which ontological status, we so shall formulate the task, it is possible to add to the act of transformation of some pattern of things in the information code? Most likely, here it is necessary to speak about rebuilding, in which the consciousness established teleology imitated by it. Concept, not without reason intrinsic to our language, "weather" so have something in common with the semantic quality with concept of "destiny". Sherlock Holmes, rebuild a pattern of a crime, he, mainly, rebuilded not a case, and motives or intentions of the criminals expressed further in their acts. Therefore, as a rule, by creator of the synthetic code, which we allocate in the external nature, appears virtual external teleology, "communicating" to our consciousness the guideline concerning a necessary in that case act.

If to recognize existence similar teleology, it is necessary to speak about a phenomenon of internal cognitive information "exchange". The behavior of the learning subject gains complexity in the sense that if realized him with the purposes, we shall tell so, sufficing of curiosity, the cognitive action brings particular information outcomes, the person will utilize the obtained estimation with the purpose of correction of the behavior. That is there, where the information operation does not allow to describe by its external with respect to consciousness of the receive side teleology, it quite, as we see, is featured in that case a internal teleology.

In any case, even in such, where rationality, dominant in us prohibits to us to think by concepts virtual teleology, we do not see violation of the scheme, adopted for us, of information operation. The act of obtaining of the information from simple patterns of a world implies its sharing, in the simple chance, on the first stage - obtaining of the code, and second - its usage.

Other by rather considerable aspect of the information theory appears a problem "of sense and senselessness" of the information. If we "simple trucker", how loved to speak J. Locke, we tell about dust storms on Mars, whether that such is capable, as a matter of fact completely wanton in his practice the information, to become even any subject of his interest? By search of the answer on the set here problem it is important to understand, that the human reason identifies itself not with the personal reason, and with certain by generalized "by human reason" in general. And consequently, gaining the information, which is not touching his direct practice, the person is capable to compare it to idea any "in general possible" of practice of reasonable activity. For this reason the person far from abstract substances, is quite ready itself to put in a position for which these abstract substances are important.

Our offer - to define of a similar kind the information testimonies which are not touching of activity purely this receiver of the information, concept fictitious summons, that is concept about such message, which told about possibility open for reasonable activity in general, but not for this concrete.

To number of fictitious summons it is necessary to refer not only possibility of obtaining of the information, inapplicable on inaccessibility of areas of its application, but also obtaining, for example, out-of-date information. The story to you for a long time of news, known for you, should also be understood as the same sample of fictitious summon.

The following aspect, requiring for explanation, of information theory is not always legible distinguishability of subjects of the code and code carrier. If we speak about a paper and characters, magnetic tape and domains, contained on a magnetic tape, we have completely legible representation about that, how code is physically plotted on the code carrier. But if to us the memory does not change, the talk we have begun by an example of such curious medium as scarecrow: how in a similar case we could allocate in scarecrow objects of the code and code carrier?

It is necessary to consider case, in which a certain subject in information sense represents some particular image, on our view, as allocation of the single code character. That is it is necessary to consider value of symbolism, serving as the imaginative function, as unity of the code formed by all in aggregate by signs, accessible to identification, of a similar thing.

One more major problem, namely what has made us here to speak about information machines, requires us to ask some words about possible comprehension of foundations of classification of similar machines. For this purpose we shall take advantage of an a little bit exotic method of representation of a subject of a reality, having restricted its comprehension as "double" environment - environment of static conditions and dynamic "passings".

In what the difference one from other consists? That the states are capable to be characterized of produce evidence, and passing - is not present. But that is curious in the given ratio, as the passings, if them to designate as a particular series set of states, can be expressed in some fixing. And the passings are even better allowed to spot them in that following case, if we create conditions reproductions of the standard procedure. The system which is playing back the procedure, also will be for us not that other, as the machine.

As the base essence for all build-up of an information orb of a reality has appeared for us not the code, and the procedure of information action, also by continuant of the characteristic "infomationality" will appear for us the configuration of the information machine. The second part of a problem is made that we defined elementary information operation, and, therefore, should construct and model of the simplest (elementary) information machine. Because we define, that it is enough for a case of information interaction only of rebuilding of the initiative, also by sample of the elementary information machine we should select model, in which a certain code is written to a certain code carrier, and then under the initiative of the machine is read out. I shall remind that such just and appears our usual alarm clock.

Further we should define what image the further complicating of the mechanism of the information machine will develop with. Here again our proposal will consist that anyone not the elementary information machine (is shorten a title of this machine up to an abbreviation - SIM), definitely requires its comprehension already as composite information machine. That is we understand the composite information computer (CIM) any such information machine, which yields above the proceeding code any other operations over single record and single reading. For acquitting of definition, received here by us, CIM can be that any manipulation above the information code should imply by itself, in minimum variant, existence even any of the former of the manipulation. It already implies existence of the unit perceiving the code of the template, and, therefore, appearance in this information machine of the second unit.

We already shall not concern here subject of composite machines, but for us is apparent, that the classification CIM should be constructed on the basis of what changes and (or) readdressings of codes it can realize.

Having completed, in the total, our reasoning on a subject of information operation, we can initiate with execution of our main task - definition of the information. This definition, besides, will be given by us not at once, but will be addressed to other, base for itself to definition - definition of the information code, as, certainly, and to given by us above to definition of information operation.

The code is that arbitrary way of organization of symbolism, which performer is outside of excited operation is capable to understand as an image of the operation, and which can take the form "of a state of a storage system". Within the framework of the given definition it is possible, certainly to consider a problem of independence of unites of the code, bound, for example, that in writing words as a matter of fact lose sense of the code separate characters, but we within the framework of our restricted analysis a problem "of the multileveling of the code " shall not research.

The information, in that case, will have definition as the array of the code realized information action due to property of the understanding of the code with the receive side.

The purpose of research, attempted by us, was, naturally, making of such additions in a common ontological pattern of a reality, which would allow to avoid sometimes happens in its cognitive mappings of simplifications. The comprehension, which such a subject of the information is essential for ontological rebuilding of such present things of a reality as sensor mechanisms and comprehension's of procedures of biological life in general. Most important for us the solution from all, which here were retrieved, is criterion permitting to allocate in a pattern of a physical reality direct physical and information operations, and which kind of concept of the deferability has accepted for us.

The principle of dissociation of a physical pattern of a reality on two sorts of operations is essential that, understanding all complexity of a reality to define an immediate entity having a scene or as a spontaneity, or - information organization.

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